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Tree Nursery

In tree nursing much importance is given to the amount of organic material and soil diversity. Because organic material retains nutrients and water, and also improves the soil structure. Soil diversity strengthens the soil’s ability of barring diseases. In practice, a tree nursery has very limited margins in its mineral balance regarding the supply of  nitrogen, phosphates and potassium

If the soil is in prime condition lawn trees, conifers, box trees and other plants can grow perfectly. The right application of food compost and green compost will bring the soil back in top condition. A healthy soil leads to healthy trees and plants.

Comgoed Compost advises in the area of soil improvement using different types of compost. Comgoed Compost delivers  compost to measure. All of our products have the required certificates and analysis reports.

Apart from that Comgoed can help you in your quest for soil products like tree soil, tree sand and peat .