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Bedded pack barns are rising. These stables with a compost bedding combine health and wellbeing of the animals with decreased emissions and economic advantages. The most important difference with cubicle stalls is that the cows roam more naturally on compost bedding as they experience the same freedom as out on the meadow. Because of this many common ailments, such as thick heels, bald spots  and claw problems disappear. Additionally bedded pack barns are cheaper at the moment. Comgoed Compost advises and researches in this field.

For the right cow comfort in the bedded pack barns we offer box compost. This product is quality compost inoculated with ‘positive bacteria’ which stop the growth of the Klebsiella bacteria. This results in healthier uteruses and a lower cell number.

Comgoed Compost advises in the area of stable and box compost. Comgoed Compost delivers these products to measure. All of our products have the required certificates and analysis reports.