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Greenhouse farming can be successful on any type of soil given that the dewatering and soil fertility should be well organized. While cultivating it is important that the quality of the soil in which the plants are placed is in prime condition. Good horticultural soil  needs more than just nitrogen, phosphates and potassium in its fertilization. Apart from fertilization the humidity and soil activity determines the growth of plants.

Organic material retains nutrients and water and improves the soil structure. Compost delivers the necessary organic material combined with the desired nutrients. Adding compost has a positive effect on disease resistance, the nutrient medium and the soil structure.

The application of the correct food and green compost keeps the soil in top condition. A healthy soil makes a healthy plant.

Comgoed Compost advises in the area of soil improvement. Comgoed Compost delivers  compost to measure. All of our products have the required certificates and analysis reports.