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Arable Culture

Good agricultural soil needs more than just fertilization using nitrogen, phosphates and potassium. It goes without saying that preservation and accumulation of ample organic material are of vital importance when it comes to soil fertility. Organic material increases an active soil life. Organic material also retains nutrients and water, and improves the soil structure.

For long term soil fertility it is necessary that organic material is added to the soil. Due to restrictive laws regarding manure, it is best to use material which contains as little nitrogen and phosphates as possible but at the same time contains much stable organic material. Compost possesses the ideal characteristics for such material.

By accurate application of compost the soil will remain fertile, and you will maximize the output on your plots.

Comgoed Compost advises the use of different types of compost in the area of soil improvement. Comgoed Compost delivers compost to measure. All of our products meet the required norms of quality compost. We will make sure you have all required certificates and analysis reports.