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Comgoed Compost forms the foundation for your soil

To keep your soil fertile ample organic matter is required. This organic matter retains water and nutrients. Compost improves the structure and machinability of the field. With compost you can increase the amount of stable organic matter without using fertilizer. Comgoed Compost advises in the areas of soil improvement with different kinds of compost, like green compost and food compost.

Compost throughout the land

Comgoed Compost supplies soil improvers to measure.  That’s why we deliver compost from more than 35 distribution points around the Netherlands. As the origin of the raw material  determines the composition of the final product. Thanks to a large network of experienced transporters we deliver compost nationwide to our customers on a daily basis.

Quality assurance

To improve your soil you need the best quality. That’s why our compost comes with quality assurance. All of our products come with the required certificates and analysis reports.  This is one of the many reasons why Comgoed Compost supplies costumers in arable farming, horticulture, animal husbandry and the civil sector.

Biopower Mix

An improved soil product is offered by Comgoed Compost. The composition of the mix includes contrated pig, cattle and chicken manure, compost and other minerals. You can download an attachment here where a comparison is made with similar products. When you have a questions about this product, please contact us.

Vormt de basis in uw bodem
Vormt de basis in uw bodem