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Comgoed Soil and Organic Waste considers your waste as raw material

In the food and beverage industry lots of organic waste remains. The increasing demand for comfort food means an increase of organic waste, from onion peel to broccoli stems to starch. Much of this organic waste ends up as genuine waste. This is a waste of money, energy and the environment. Making optimal use of these organic materials is a point of attention for many companies, governments and institutions.  Together with you, Comgoed wants to optimise the use of your available organic waste.  We aim for a high valorization of your organic waste.

With Comgoed soil and waste you’re on solid ground.

In the civil sector soil either becomes available in big numbers, or there is a scarcity. Comgoed is a flexible partner when it comes to disposal or supplying of soil and sand.  With this buying and selling we focus mainly on bulk within the civil sector. Our balanced program can be of service to you in many different ways.

Whether you are a project developer looking for the right mix of sand and soil or a horticulturalist with too little raw material, Comgoed delivers soil, tree soil, tree sand, peat, dried peat, rubble and loam clay. Our help is fast and competent.

In short, Comgoed Soil and Organic Waste focuses on disposal and sustainable recycling of available soil and organic materials.

De oplossing voor iedere reststof
De oplossing voor iedere reststof