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Comgoed Biomass; see the wood for the trees!

Since the 70s climate change has been addressed as being a world-wide problem. One of the main culprits is the burning of fossil fuels (coal, gas and oil). Gasses released in the burning of these fuels disturb the cycle and worsen the green house effect. The temperature rises around the world which has many consequences: an increase in draught, melting ice caps and rising sea levels.

CO2-neutral with biomass

The alternative to fossil fuel has been used by man ever since the discovery of fire: biomass, also known as wood.  Biomass is a generic term for the biodegradable part of organic material.  Using these types of fuels, CO2 is also released, but this type is still part of the CO2 cycle on earth. Other trees take in the release gas so stoking with biomass is CO2 neutral!

Cheap and sustainable

Comgoed Biomass delivers three types of biomass: wood pellets, woodchips and shredded green. Not only do we deliver in the Netherlands but also in Belgium and Germany. Our clientele consists of industrial biomass power plants but also semi industrial power plants like farms, greeneries, swimming pools, saunas, schools and SME companies.

Comgoed Biomass only delivers  products of which the origin is known. Additionally, all products are carefully checked  for quality.

De duurzame energie van morgen
De duurzame energie van morgen